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The funny adventures of Little Nani Review

The funny adventures of Little Nani is the perfect book for children. Little Nani is a sweet little girl that loves spending her time to her friends and enjoys playing with her magic wand. Nani thinks that she is a witch and with the aid of her magic wands she casts spell on her friends. Her intentions are always the good ones, but the spells don’t have the desired result.

The author has a great sense of humour and the characters that she built have different personalities and they are extremely funny. The book is basically a group of ten short stories, all presenting the adventures of this lovely girl named Nani. She is determined to help her friend with their problems, but the witch course she took seems to have some flaws. Any spell that she casts over her friends seems to go bad.
Read the stories to you children and discover the amazing talking animals like a bookworm horse, a fast turtle and even ostriches and zombies. The book offers great friendship lessons and it also has tasks where children are challenged to draw specific scenes.
Follow Little Nani as she tries to become a better witch and as she teaches kids how to be a good friend and always try to help everyone. Even if Little Nani doesn’t excel at listening to her friends she is always there to help them. A charming little girl, full of energy and with a positive thinking that is very devoted to her friends.

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