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The Emblazoned Red Review

The Emblazoned Red is that kind of reading that has it all: fantasy, a great love story and a little bit of drama. It was a little hard to get deep into the story from the very beginning, but I got accustomed really fast with the style. Ilka is a young paladin on a mission, which fails. She is the only one that escaped from a riot, but ended up on a pirate ship. Wounded and alone, she needs to stay on the ship until she gets home.

I do admire the way the author played with the characters and with various creatures. I would have never thought that vampires, zombies and pirates would have been work so good together. Actually this was the very first book that had pirates in it and I enjoyed it although their way of speaking wasn’t easy to understand because they were not educated people so if you would expect them to speak grammatically correct, that won’t happen. Captain Nathaniel Sutton is the one that took care of Ilka when she was injured and I would have never seen them together, but I guess that this is what makes The Emblazoned Red so different. Who would have seen coming a love story between a young, well-educated paladin and a forty something pirate with a doubtful reputation?

"Death of an Innocent. Rise of a Paladin."
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