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White chalk by Pavarti K. Tyler Review

   White chalk was one of those reads that shocked me, but in this case I can say that it really schocked... Chelle is not a typical girl and nobody can understand what she feels or what has she been through. She´s nearly fourteen and in some cases she thinks like an adult, but she does mistakes like any human being. In this point she sees a salvation. Troy Christiansen, a boy that she falls for. His attraction for her is like honey, but in short time she learns that it can be also poison. With problematic parents, Chelle is incapable to live a normal life and things at school are not normal... Troy doesn't see her like a girlfriend, and he's seeing Cat, an older girl.

I liked the book, it's like a roller coaster with only ups, except the end that is heartbreaking. The characters in this book are interesting, 'cause the main character is the innocent type, her mother is the one that does not notice, her father is the drunk one and her teacher is the evil bastard. Some other characters are at the beginning an enigma, but in the end you learn their role in the book. Pavarti Tyler's work is a message to all people out there, that need care and a normal life, because life's hard for all of us at some point. We need to fight, even though sometimes we feel like we just can't.

"Something about him looked so perfectly fragile."

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the tme to review White Chalk! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. am citit-o si eu, dar nu mi-a placut :-s


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